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Friday, 25 November 2011

New Parts from CRC

New Product Release - November 2011
"Brace Yourself" Edition

New this month from CRC is a batch of products designed to make your Gen-Xi, XL, X10 and X10LE more adjustable, rigid, strong and true. CRC has a line of carbon fiber front end braces for both 1:12th and 1:10th Gen-X cars. Most are in stock and ready to ship.

Reverse/flat servo mount plate for the Gen-X10 and 10LE
#17402 - Standard (med) width
#17403 - Wide width
These new reverse servo mount plates allow for more room to move the battery back and forth in the CRC Gen-X 10 and 10LE. The servo is now flipped to the front and mounted flat, lowering the CG and lightening the car. Also, more space is now open to put all the components inline and/or move the battery further forward. Direct bolt on with the stock front end screws. Will need P/N 3315 - Flat servo mounts and 1424 - 1/4 in. flat head screws to reverse mount the servo.
Suggested Retail Price - $15.99
17402 - UPC - 800734174028
17403 - UPC - 800734174035

17402 + 17403 - Lower Front End Brace - standard and wide
Shown here is the new 1776 3-piece Multi-brace and the lower 17403 wide reverse/flat servo mount plate.

1776 - New 3-piece Multi-brace for the ProStrut Front end on the Gen-X10, 10LE.

Typically, a front end brace is used for high grip applications to stabilize and strengthen the front end. The brace reduces chassis flex. This new brace for the Gen-X10/LE car features adjustable width to handle the medium (standard) and wide width front end placement as well as provisions for long and short arm. It is actually 4 parts in one! Just remove the button head screws out of the center section and change the brace width to match your car's width and arm length. Complete with hardware. (part displayed above)

Suggested Retail Price - $16.99
UPC - 800734017769

3276 + 3278 - Front end cross braces for the Gen-X, XL and Xi.

Much like the 10th scale version, a front end brace is a great benefit for high grip applications. For the 1:12th car, we use 2 different braces, the wide brace for the short arm and the narrow brace for the long front end arms. The 3276 is the longer brace that is used for the short upper arms. The 3278 is a shorter piece used with the long upper A-arm. In addition to an increase in stability, the brace keeps the front end aligned in big crashes. Simple add on part with hardware included.

Both the 3276 and 3278 come with hardware
Mounted 3276 on the new Gen-Xi
Longer 3276 for short upper arms. Shorter 3278 for long upper A-arms.

3276 - $10.99 - UPC 800734032762
3278 - $9.99 - UPC 800734032786

1762 - Extended rear shock mount top plates for the Gen-Xi.

The new Gen-Xi features optional rear shock positions. You can utilize these positions by lengthening the shock. Or these new extended rear top plates can be use to move the rear shock forward in .25 inch and .5 inch increments. Typically, when the rear shock is mounted more forward, more mid and exit steering is achieved. It is a quick simple change that can be done to alter the handling of the car.
Sold as a set of 2. With .25 inch and .5 inch movement that matches the hole pattern on the Xi.

The .5 option top plate shown below mounted on the Gen-Xi. Notice the forward antenna/shock mount matching the longer rear plate.

4022 - Super flexible sensor wire - 50 mm

New from CRC is a super short sensor wire made in the same soft flexible material. Great for the applications where the speedo and motor are very close.

4022 - Super soft sensor wire - 50 mm

4022 - $5.95 - UPC 800734040224

Posted on Thursday, November 10 @ 00:11:27 CST by Frank

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Calandra Racing Takes 2 at the 2011 Halloween Classic!

Calandra Racing Takes 2 at the 2011 Halloween Classic!
Johnson and Buran T.Q. and Win!
The Annual Halloween Classic event in Ohio has been held in many different venues over the long history of the race. From the early days on the westside of Cleveland, to the Mentor area, Strongsville and now in the hands of the Gate in Brunswick, Ohio, the race has bounced around the area. One thing that has not changed over the years is the high level of competition at the event. In addition to a strong field of talent, the event was sold out for 2011. The venue ran out of physical space at 180 entries, simply could not fit another racer, an incredible turnout.
In the 17.5 class for 1:12th scale, Michigan pilot David Johnson took his new CRC Gen-Xi to an impressive T.Q. and win. Dave got his car just in time for the event and both he and the car were quickly dialed in. Dave used CRC tires and a CRC/Black Art R8C body to capture the victory. Dave used the standard cross pack arrangment with the inline speedo/servo position. Over half of the A-main included CRC cars including the top 3 qualifiers; Kenny Lambert 2nd and Chuck Lonergan 3rd. A strong result in one of the largest classes at the event.

CRC Gen-Xi, Pro Cut tires and Black Art R8C body. Dialed!

In the WGT class, 2009 winner of the Halloween Classic, CRC driver Aaron Buran, took his CRC Gen-X10 LE to another T.Q. and win. Aaron used a fairly conventional and stock Gen-X10 LE to again take the victory at the Halloween Classic. The CRC Rocket Fuel pack 3701 and the 1785 font stiffener brace were used in Aaron's win. A great result from the Ohio driver.

Buran's T.Q. and winning CRC Gen-X 10 LE