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Tuesday, 23 August 2011



For its 33rd consecutive season, the BRCA announce the 2011/2012 12th Scale National Championship.  Six exciting rounds of racing for the Spec and Modified Championship titles will be held across the nation at indoor venues fully equipped for up to eighty drivers in each class.

The BRCA 1/12th Electric Circuit National championship for 2011/12 will consist of a total of 6 weekend events with 2 meetings at each event, Saturdays will be Spec class and Sundays will be Modified. Drivers enter each day individually, and for the full experience of the social event that is a BRCA 12th National, many will enter both days and enjoy a very sociable Saturday night with fellow racers.

Four out of the six meetings will count towards the National Championship, and separate Championships will be held for F2 & F3 drivers as well as the Open Championship.  Drivers earn a handicap that is used to seed heats, so not only do you always race with drivers of your ability, you automatically enter these Championships too.  With six Championship winners each season, there is always a season-long competition with someone to enjoy.

New for this season, the Spec class will use speed controllers with no timing boost, and a 10.5 brushless motor from the BRCA list.  Eligible speed controllers will be published on the BRCA website ( and for guidance check the ROAR list (

If you've any questions, please contact us by using any of the contact addresses on the BRCA 12th Section website at  Join us on our forum at

Entries will be via the BRCA website which will be open during August.

Event Calendar

Location Stock Class Modified Class
Ardent Raceway 22nd October 2011 23rd October 2011
Hereford 19th November 2011 20th November 2011
Tamworth 10th December 2011 11th December 2011
Plymouth 21st January 2012 22nd January 2012
Teesside 18th February 2012 19th February 2012
Chesterfield 17th March 2012 18th March 2012

Saturday, 20 August 2011

CR161 - CORE RC UAC-50 Universal Digital Charger


CR161 - CORE RC UAC-50 Universal Digital Charger

Universal Digital Charger, Discharger and Cycler, 12v & 110-240v.

The CORE RC Universal Digital Charger UAC-50 is a multifunction balance and rapid charger/discharger controlled by a high performance microprocessor and specialized operating software.
Multi voltage input of 110-240v AC or 12v DC with compatibility with all types of batteries including Lipo,(1s-6s) Li-lon, NiMH, NiCd,(1-15cells) Pb and LiFE. Fast charging up to 6 amps, discharging, balancing, cycling and much won't need any other charger!!!
-AC Input 110V-240V
-DC Input 11V-18V
-Max Charging Power: 50Watts
-Max Discharging Power: 5Watts
-Charge current range: 0.1-6A
-Discharge current range: 0.1-1A
-Nicd/NiMH Battery Cell Count: 1-15Cell
-LiPo/Li-Fe/Lilon Cell Count: 1-6Cell
-Pb Battery Voltage: 2-20V
-Temperature sensor available
-Balance: 2-6Cells
-Case: Plastic with gunmeatal chrome.
-Display: 16*2 character blue backlit display
-Dimension: 135mm X 112mm X 61mm
-Multiple leads included for all applications
-UK 3 Pin plug lead for 240v
Internal Independent Lithium Battery Balancer
The UAC-40 employs an individual cell voltage balancer. It is not necessary to connect an external balancer. (JST XH Balance board and lead included) see also CR114 and CR056 for alternative balance lead type.
Balancing Individual Cells During Discharge
During the process of discharging, the UAC-50 can monitor and balance each cell of the battery individually. Error message will be indicated and the process will be ended automatically if the voltage of any single cell is abnormal.
Adaptable to Various Types of Lithium Batteries
The UAC-50 is adaptable to various types of Lithium batteries, such as Lipo, Lilon and the new LiFe series of batteries.
Fast and Storage Mode of Lithium Batteries
Purposes to charge Lithium batteries varies, 'fast' charge reduces the duration of charging whereas 'store' state can control the final voltage of the battery. So as to store for a period when the cell is not in use to protect the useful life of the battery.
Maximum Safety
Delta Peak sensitivity: The automatic charge termination program based on the principle of the Delta-peak voltage detection. When the battery voltage exceeds the thresholds the process will be terminated automatically.
Automatic Charge Current Limit
You can set up the upper limit of the charging current when charging NiCad or NiMH battery.
Capacity Limit
The charging capacity is always calculated as the charging current multiplied by time. If the charging capacity exceeds the limit it can be terminated by the sophisticated microprocessor in the UAC-50.
Processing Time Limit
You can also limit the total processing time to avoid possible defect.
Input Power Monitoring
To protect the 12vDC power source the voltage is monitored by the UDC-50. If the voltage drops below the limit, the process will be ended automatically.
Data Store/LoadA maximum 5 batteries data can be stored for user convenience. You can keep the date corresponding to program setting of the battery.
Cyclic Charging/Discharging
1 to 5 cyclic and continuous process of charge>discharge or discharge>charge is operable for battery refreshing and balancing to stimulate the batteries performance.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Team CRC Sweeps both Pan Car Classes at the
2011 ROAR Asphalt Nats!
Team CRC's Andrew Knapp backs up his 2011 ROAR Carpet Nats Win with another win at the Asphalt Nats!

Rui Goncalves backs up his 2011 ROAR Region 2 TQ & Win with a National Title!
Click "read more" for the Driver's reports...

The 2011 ROAR Asphalt Nationals was held at one of the finest asphalt tracks in the US, Jackson RC in Jackson, NJ.
Ran by Al Sodano, Greg Sharpe and club members; it features a high driver stand above the club house with a great view of the track at any spot. The weather was not cooperating as it rained a little 2 days of the event. All of the racing was still completed, but the track conditions were not consistent day to day.

In 12th scale, it was Andrew Knapp's first time ever on asphalt with a 12th scale, so "I didn't know what to expect." With a little help from teammate and fellow podium finisher, Joel Johnson (3rd); Andrew figured it out in a hurry as he won the first three rounds of qualifying in the Qual-Points format, securing himself the TQ spot. Andrew consistently set the fastest lap in every round of qualifying as well. "No other car could compete with the speed that the Gen XL can hold in the corners!" In the triple A mains, Andrew took the wins in A1 and A2, and even lapped the entire field in A2.
Good Job "Android", and Congratulations on your second ROAR National Title this year!

Following his Electric Paved ROAR Region 2 TQ and win in World GT, Rui Goncalves gets the win at the 2011 Electric ROAR Paved Nationals!
In the first round of qualifying, EJ Evans from TOP USA took the honors followed by Rui Goncalves in a close second. In the second round, Rui Goncalves took the TQ spot evening the 2 up in the qual-points battle. EJ ended up TQ'ing rounds 3 and 4, and Rui would put in 2 more solid runs to put him second on the grid for the main event. The A-main was short lived for the TQ driver as he had some problems on lap 1 which sent Rui into the lead where he ran for the remainder of the race. With the TQ out of the way, no one else had enough to challenge Rui as he drove away in dominant fashion in search of his first National Title.
Congratulations Rui!!!